The right direction means: reliable professional tools for your work. Since 1983, we’ve been making drill bits and spiral router bits using the best steels available, ensuring their sharp edges are reinforced to be effective and long lasting. We’ve been producing practical, usable and very innovative sharpening machines since 2005. We’ve always done this with pride and passion. Our customers worldwide, choose Nordutensili tools and sharpeners because they help them overcome all industry challenges.



For more than twenty-five years, our company has been designing and producing high quality tools that are well-known for their reliability,for working with wood, plastic materials and new materials.

Our product range is vast and is able to meet every type of requirement:

  • Tools for boring machines
  • Chucks and cutter bars for boring machines
  • Tools and chucks for pantographs and CNC machines
  • Tools for drilling machines, slotting machines, combination machines and electric milling machines
  • Replaceable tip tools and polycrystalline diamond tools
  • Tools for portable milling machines
  • Circular saws and milling cutters (partner)

In addition, all our products are certified under the ISO 9001 quality system.

Over the years, the performance of all our drill bits has been excellent, due to the use of top quality hard metals and specific treatments, such as the application of Dupont-Teflon, particularly on bits for hinges with multi radius chip breaker.

Special care and attention is paid at the design, testing and manufacturing stages for the preparation of tools for non-standard and special applications, often to meet specific and special requests from our customers.

A modern warehouse, equipped with automated technology, further enhances the company's performance by ensuring a fast and accurate response to every order, even for small and medium quantities.