The first NU5A COMPACT SCAN machine, the first totally automatic compact sharpener in the world.


Compact overall size

The compact dimensions allow easy and problem-free installation and incorporation in assembly lines.

Ease of use

The NU5A Compact Scan does not require specialist operators, very little time is needed for training on how to use the machine and the mechanical and electronic systems are easily accessible.
The impact of errors during operation is inversely proportional to the probability of error.


What makes the NU5A Compact Scan unique is its technological heart which, through automatic laser analysis, managed by dedicated software, allows:
• automatic set-up
• angular precision better than 0,03°.


For companies, reducing power consumption and working times is extremely important:
• to limit energy consumption and therefore environmental impact
• to make the production process more efficient
The NU5A Compact Scan achieves both of these objectives: in terms of consumption, the energy required is reduced by 60%, ensuring fast operating speeds for cleanliness and precision.